I'm new to ScribeSlice. What do I do first?

Fill in your profile and upload a profile picture. Without a profile picture you might as well be invisible on ScribeSlice and if you are invisible, then your writing is invisible.

How do I edit my writing?

Go to the "About" for the writing and there will be an "Edit" button in there.

Can ScribeSlice publish my book?

As an e-book yes, but not in a physical format.

Do I retain copyright on my writing on ScribeSlice?

Of course! You wrote it.

I really like ScribeSlice and would like to help out! What can I do?

One of the best ways to help is to help your fellow writer - read their writing and give them some feedback on it. And of course, tell your friends about ScribeSlice!

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

You can ask one of the ScribeSlice Community Leaders or you can contact ScribeSlice.

How can I receive more feedback on my writing?

If you aren't receiving much feedback on your writing the first question you should ask yourself is:

"How much feedback am I giving to other writers?"

One of the best ways to receive more feedback is to first give feedback to other writers.

To receive more feedback on your writing you can also join a writing group. Members of writing groups can support each other by providing feedback and constructive criticism on each other's writing.

Another way to receive more feedback on your writing is to release it more slowly onto ScribeSlice. If you post several writings all at once, then readers can become overwhelmed and not actually read everything you have written.

It also helps to make sure your profile is complete and you have added a picture to it. The picture you use is the way that the other writers on ScribeSlice will recognise you.

If you just use the default ScribeSlice picture that is provided for you, then you tend to blend in with all the other writers who are doing the same. By uploading your own picture you can stand out more and your writing is more easily recognisable.