Shastie King Shastie King
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Love it!!! It's very mellow and sweet

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Catch Your Eye

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My heart wrote this yesterday, it is for someone I like who needs a lot of support and cheering up. It is a simple ballad

You were walking by the sea,  lost in your own dream
I tried to catch your eye, I wanted you to look at me.
You just wandered further on, always out of reach
so I turned off the light and went back to sleep.
And there you were, among the stars, blinded by the light.
I tried to catch your eye to tell you everything’s alright.
Suddenly you disappeared, what was I to do?
I went back to sleep to dream of you,
where the sun is always warm,
the wind wild and high
where  endless rushing waves crash into infinite skies.
Where tears are not allowed, where broken hearts will mend
and everywhere you turn you see the eyes of a friend
watching out for you, while you find your way.
I just want to be with you again someday
The twists and turns of Life leave me dizzy and blue,
I’ve been trying to catch your eye
'cause I love you. 1 comment

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