Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

" - What can I say? It can get pretty monotonous here. I often have to find ways to entertain myself, since this damn place doesn`t have cable! - "Allen, you certainly have a maqgical way of saying things - things that, whether you are aware of it or not - are filled with a certain wily charm; things that come out naturally, voicing themselves (voicing yourself) in such a way that brings out the "smirk" in people when least expecting it. Good stuff!

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

" - He turns around. And, in a moment of Time, I find myself staring into my own eyes.Yep, you guessed it! It`s me. I... gasp in disbelief! I was about to talk to myself, for the first time in my life. The conversation which follows, is quite possibly the first ever...at least for me. - " This is one of those phrases, sentences, etc.(that doesn't come very easily in writing) a few words that hit home in a very well received (and I might add "fluid" and - I'm going to use the word "remarkable" here - way. A remarkable way. Yeah, that's it. The image, sweetly conveyed, deliberately written, comes off in a way that one does not expect, and yet the surprise of it all...the very idea that you run into yourself, and are about to begin a conversation with yourself...is...well, the image itself, in all its bewilderment, remains awhile longer, somehow tickling the senses, invoking a host of questions of which there may not be a whole lot of answers; answers that dazzle anyway. Very good writing Allen!

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Talking to Mr.C.

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I was scraping for material late one night, and I came up with this.

      I walked into the waiting room. I knew I wasn`t quite awake yet, because I just knew. There were several others there but they were faceless. All except for one. I thought I recognized the voice, since I attached this weird familiarity about it. You know what I`m talking about, don`t you? I can almost hear your thoughts. Well, there he goes again. Another deep one. What can I say? It can get pretty monotonous here. I often have to find ways to entertain myself, since this damn place doesn`t have cable! 1 comment

     I told them, time and time again,``pay the damn cable!`` Well, eventualy, we did get cut off, as they say. Oh, yeah, where was I? Yeah, I remember now...the waiting room, right? Yeah, man, it was so bizarre. Here I am sitting in this room with a freaking spastic Freak sideshow in full-view. Who am I supposed to be? Allen in freckin` Wonderland? Anyway, here I am, surrounded with these immaculately attired faceless...??...well, I don`t exactly know what they are. This is just the stuff of dreams. I can`t possibly be fully awake, at least not just yet.

     In the corner, I see a young man sitting with his back to me. He is deeply engrossed with one of the non-creatures. By the way...I don`t have the slightest clue as to what they`re talking about. It`s definitely not English. In fact, I can see that they seem to understand each other perfectly. Or is just an illusion? Or worse. I`ve heard of guys going to a party somewhere, taking somebody`s drink offering, and in the morning, they wake up in a semi-vegetable state. Anyway, I work up enough``balls``to go over and ask him as to how I can worm my way back to La-La Land. I nonchalantly walk up and tap him on the shoulder. He turns around. And, in a moment of Time, I find myself staring into my own eyes.Yep, you guessed it! It`s me. I... gasp in disbelief! I was about to talk to myself, for the first time in my life. The conversation which follows, is quite possibly the first ever...at least for me. 1 comment

      As soon as I tapped...me?...on the shoulder..I?, or rather he quite almost jumped out of..my..his?...skin.

     ``What the!....``
     He...or rather..I..met face to face with the younger version of me! He was quite a good looking chap, by the way.
     ``I..I...I...I`m so ...good looking!``
     ``What the deuce you talking about?``
     ``You`re ...me.``
     ``I don`t know what you`re talking about. Say, what do you mean by sneaking up on a guy like that?``
     ``I`m so sorry. I didn`t mean to startle you. I couldn`t help but overhear your ..ahem...conversation...with ``what`s his face,`` there.``
     ``For your information, these are my memories I`m chatting with.``
     ``Oh, really...and just what do you think I am...chopped liver?``
     At this point, I found it strange that he didn`t recognize me at all.
     ``Hmm..chopped liver,ay? Never had it before. It is quite close to brunch.``
     I saw that there was no clock on the wall, and he certainly didn`t have a timepiece on him.
     ``How do you know that it`s lunch-time?``
     ``Oh, I don`t know ! by instinct, I suppose. What`s with all these questions?``Are you with The Bureau?``He squinted his eyes, put his finger under his chin and scrutinized me with keen suspicion.
     ``No, I`m not. I don`t even know what The Bureau is?``
     ``Shush! Don`t mention them!Don`t even breathe their name! They`ll come and get you, you know..and you`ll never..ever see your mommy again!``
     ``Really?``I said,as though I was being introduced to some sort of oddball game of chance.
     With that, he burst out with uproarous laughter, that of which ran down the length of my spine. I swear I`ll never forget that sound for the rest of my days.

      He looked at me like I was some kind of alien life-form.

     ``Hey...you kinda look like someone I used to know.``he said. Or, I said.
     ``Whatever do you mean by that?``I countered, toying with his lack of comprehension.
     ``Yeah...come to think about it..you kinda look like an older version of... my brother, Earl. Yeah, that`s it.``
     ``Really?``I couldn`t help but roll my eyes.
     ``Hey, what you lookin` at, Daddy-O?``
     ``Are those...bell bottoms?``I almost smiled as wide as Texas.
     ``Yeah, man,yeah! They`re the coolest of the cool, Daddy-O!``
     ``Will you stop calling me that! I`m certainly not your dad!``At that point, I ached to tell him who I really was, but he`d never swallow it.
     ``Well, my man, I gotta split this groovy scene. Hang five and all that jive!``He (I)
said, as he ran a greasey comb through his thick black shag hair-do.

      ``Oh, before you go. Check this out.``With that, I rolled up my pant leg, and revealed a birthmark which strangely resembled Bob Hope in profile.
     ``Whoah, now! Are you some kinda funny, Tip-Toe through the tulips sorta guy?``
     ``Sorry to dissapoint. I`m strictly hetero. However, if you check it out, you have the exact same birthmark as mine, here.``
     ``Well...I`ll be hornswoggled.``he wondered wide-eyed as saucers.
     ``What are the chances, huh? It`s nature`s way of ``I.D.-ing`` us. Isn`t that cold?``
     ``Didn`t you mean to say...``cool? Besides, how can this possibly be? Coincidence, maybe?``

     ``Genetically impossible. Now if I was a cyclops, then I`d have irrefutable proof that we aren`t related.``
     ``What ya getting at, mister?``I ascertained he was getting a little unnerved and just a little pissed.
     ``Oh, I don`t know...AL. What do you think?``
     ``Hey, how d`ya know my name? Are ya C.I.A.,or something?``

      ``Well, let`s just say...I have the inside track, on certain realities...``He..(I?)...cut me off sharply.
     ``Yer outta yer (expletive deleted) gourd, mister whoever you are!``
     ``And you were born...on Feb.15, 1955.``
     ``How in the (another expleted deleted) did you know...?```He turned swiftly to his wallet to see if his birth certificate had somehow slipped out.
     ``Furthermore...you were born in the Holy Family Hospital...shall I continue?``He (I?) looked at me, as if I had just slapped him upside the head.
     ``Oh, great, that`s just great! I suppose you`re now going to tell me the day and year of my demise!``
     ``That would be priviledged information...Bean.``
     His (my) face turned a complicated shade of dusty rose.
     ``This can`t be happening! Mister, are you trying to (delete yet another expletive)   with my mind? By the way...how did you know my nick-name?``

      ``Nick told me.``
     ``Why, that sly bastard!``he (I) said,smiling slightly.
     ``I`m curious, How did you aquire it?``
     ``My aunt Stella gave it to me.That`s all you to know! Sheesh, is there no privacy these days?``
     ``Would it have anything to do with your love of baked beans?``
     He slowly turned misty-eyed as he seemed lost in thoughts of better days gone by.
     ``Quite possibly. But what is it to you?`
     ``Everything.``I told him as reassuringly as possible. He must have sensed sincerity in my tone of voice, because I thought, just then; one of his walls come crashing down at my feet.

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