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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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DEE words - Dream Driver

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Hi everybody...What can you all come up with using only D words?  This is my contribution. May not make any sense, yet I stuck to the formula.

Dream Driver, doesn’t doubt daughter doodled difficult drawings during December days;
Doing daring, dirt diggings,
Damaging Doctor Dooley’s Dungeons;
Dragging delinquent Dragons down deeper decks
Destination doubtful;
Destiny dictates damaged Dragons die;
December drawings draw dragons, deeper down dirty dungeons;
Dancing devils do doubtful, disgusting, dirty demonic deeds.

Dream Driver doodles, dances, degrades, drawing dirty Dracula demons, dead.  

Dear Dee...don’t doubt dubious drawings, dancing demons die, down deeper dirty dungeons, drums drumming, dragons drag delinquent devils, docking decks, demeaning dots, doing drills, devouring Delicacies, disgusting duo, devil demons!

Drugs denies dinners, drops dotty dodos, delivers deranged dregs, debits Doolittle’s dogs, distinguishes dingoes daily, desperate druggies do duck down deep,  damaging dirty dunnies,  deceiving, deceptive, disappointing dogs!
Dare devils do dunk dodgy divers down deep, don’t despair, Desmond’s dome didn’t disappear, delightfully delicious, deceptively dormant, drinking drought doesn’t disperse, dimly downing drought Decembers, did dotty Deidre delay decadent disasters? Doing dirty disco dances, drinking dire drinks? Discouraging doubtful dreams, decomposing dead dogs, docket disasters deemed deliriously doodidadido’s!
Did Dickery-Dock downsize doubtful drama ducks?

Don’t doubt dutiful dogs!  Dare devils do doubtful doings, don’t do !!!
Dream Driver did do dodgy deals, deceitfully dancing, drinking, destiny drinks, drunken dodgers die, demonstrating didgeridoos down Drummer Drive, destroying dusty delightful dawns.

Dickery-Dock doesn’t do dirty deals down Doncaster dormitories, diddling dotty dodgy dogs, drowning dirty, derelict destitutes, drawing deadly demons,  disposing doubtful dodgers, digging deep dungeons down desolate domains.

Dream Driver did do!

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