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Patrick Coholan Patrick Coholan
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Champions of Krynn Continues Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

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As part of my work as a content writer, I wrote this about a game I played when I was an adolescent

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, the game of adventure and monsters has its origins in the nineteen seventies and on into the nineteen eighties, and again in 1990....  With Champions of Krynn, SSI’s second of the enduring Old DOS PC Games, the player’s again the “life of the party,” generating up to six Dungeons and Dragons characters for exploration to conquer man, monster and beast.

The game guides the “roll” of an adventure party of characters fit for the Krynn, the fantastic setting that’s in distinct need of a group of heroes.  Numerous settings to explore within the Krynn landscape, the otherworldly and magical place rapidly becoming overrun with all kinds of terror, and it’s up to the player to conquer as though the world depended on it, true in Champions of Krynn.

Armed with an arsenal of weapons, magic and various tricks by which to strategize your combats, the adventure party will travel through unknown dungeons, meeting and, in order to win, to vanquish your enemies as they challenge and strengthen each success.  Beginning with an array of mystical races for each character, and specific skills to each of your six character’s “class,” which defines each’s ability in these Old DOS PC Games, the player’s in the seat to compel traps and combats to be overcome, by which the adventure party progresses in the game (and become suitable for what’s in store).  You, in essence, “become” the Champions of Krynn of the game title.

Champions of Krynn

Your menu options highlight at the bottom of your screen, as the adventure party navigates Krynn, and decide what will benefit the player on the field of combat at the heart of these Old DOS PC Games.  Much as in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Champions of Krynn combat consists of a tactical layout, a grid of squares connected with the ability to move through them and obstacles (such as walls or trees) around which maneuver the six members of your adventure party against numerous enemies, who have at times similar abilities to those which the player possesses.  It’s a contest of winning or losing for which the player needs to choose strategy, opting to utilize the various arsenals at your disposal, whether might or magic, and in all likelihood, a mix and a meld of both.

The plot of the story, putting the game in context for the player only will be revealed as the adventure party explores Krynn and meet the non-player characters, all in the control of the computer game, who will say what’s afoot and what to do.  There’s never time to waste, except perhaps a few hours on the game clock while your adventure party rests and recovers from the perils of combat, that the adventure party will meet again and again in the game Champions of Krynn.  Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in 1990’s Champions of Krynn plays good as ever in these Old DOS PC Games Pool of Radiance (the precursor to Champions of Krynn) and in Champions of Krynn.  If an opportunity to play these prevents itself, by all means....  The adventure’s in your hands.

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