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Warren Gates

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Lover of animals
Rain walker
Hobby photographer and songwriter

"The twists and turns of Life
leave me dizzy and blue"

Favorite writer

Enid Bagnold, Anna Sewell, Don Yarber, Donald McCaig, Jane Smiley, Ken Kesey,Bill Bryson, James Herriott, Robert Sabag, Nathaniel Philbrick , Jilly Cooper., Augusten BurroughsAyn Rand- Favorite songwriters, Gene Clark, Al Stewart, Neil Peart, Lou Reed, Justin Hayward, Jim Croce, Jeff Lynne

My best writing advice

Be open to suggestions but listen to your heart and write with your own voice. It takes courage to share your dreams.

I'm currently reading

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

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Latest Writing

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