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Deborah Boydston

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I started as a lyricist and have written my own music and performed it myself with various bands and musicians in southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. I used to write a lot but got sidetracked into other interests and hobbies. I started writing again and rediscovered my passion for it. I have one published children's book from my work on here called "Wondering Willow".

Some of my hobbies are photograhy, creative writing, music, religions and tennis just to name a few. Where to find the time???????

I studied English Comp & Creative Writing in college. For a few years I proofread and edited English, history and science for a homeschool curriculum. I also taught Literature and English courses online for homeschooled kids grades 3-4 and 9 to graduation.

Favorite writer

Mark Twain

I enjoy writing because

Creativity, and free expression.

My best writing advice

Don't give up

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