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Don Yarber

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Author of "Bodies and Beaches", "Corpses and Canyons", "Death and Deep Waters","Evil and Everglades". Just good old fashioned PI novels with a protagonist who is both smart and bumbling, clumsy and clever. Guaranteed to keep you turning pages. My six books are now available on Kindle, all in print.

Allen Clarke and I finally finished "Joint Effort in Death" the novel we started a few years ago. It is available on Amazon.Com in both print and Kindle versions. Congratulations to Allen for his great contribution to the book, his character brings the book to life in a way that I could never do.

"The Sign Killer" is a mystery of a slightly different twist, also available on

My Western/Mystery novel "Train to the Sun" (early chapters published here on Scribeslice) is now available in paper back from TRY IT. If you like westerns and you like mysteries, you'll love this one.

"Don Yarber does it again! I could not put the book down. Just like his first two books I finished each of them in one day. Don has created a character in Kip Yardley that you just want to hear more of. GOOD CLEAN MURDER MYSTERIES WITH TWISTS, TURNS AND THE GOOD GUY WINS. I can't wait for the next one."
Larry Myers
Bellflower, Ca.

Excellent reading!
Al Belanger Las Vegas.

"Bodies and Beaches is a good job, with a likeable lead,and a lot of interesting action I enjoyed reading, and you write very well indeed. Verdict, well done!"

RICHARD S. PRATHER, author of the "Shell Scott" mystery series.

I am a Christian and proud of it. I am listed on "Cozy Mysteries" blog. Cozy Mysteries are written by authors who write "clean" books. I love to laugh and be laughed at. The most fun we can have is laughing at ourselves.

Visit my website for rundowns on my books and events.

Favorite writer

Many. Too many to mention, but I'll try: Ken Follett, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, Justin Scott,

I enjoy writing because

I like people. By writing, I can communicate my ideas to a lot of people.

My best writing advice

Write something every day. Period.

I'm currently reading

The Bible. and The Life and Times of Charles Manson

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